Grand Central’Men’s Cave:’ Three railroad workers decorate a room inside the New York Terminal.

Grand Central'Men's Cave:' Three railroad workers decorate a room inside the New York Terminal.

According to a report released Thursday by Metropolitan Transportation Authority inspector Carolyn Pokorny, the rooms are equipped with streaming devices, futon sofas, refrigerators, air mattresses, and wall-mounted TVs connected to microwaves.

In an online statement, Pokorny said in an online statement, “Many New Yorkers have fantasies about fighting back with a cold beer on a major estate in Manhattan.” Few people will have chutzpah making it into a maintenance man cave.”

The Office of the Auditor (OIG) found:
-Half consumed beer in the refrigerator and empty cans in the trash

-Transparent plastic bag filled with sheets and duvets

-Cabinet in lock manufactory storage space with hidden pull-out bed

The MTA says there is a huge amount of evidence that three Metro-North Railroad employees (wireman, carpenter supervisor, electrical supervisor) have used unauthorized break rooms several times. Not sure if the staff used the room when they were on duty.

According to the report, the refrigerator appears to be a Metro-North Railroad asset, as Grand Central Terminal management has confirmed that MNR is the type to buy for GCT.

According to the MTA’s report, all three individuals were subjected to unpaid suspension until a disciplinary hearing.

The room was reported anonymously last year

The MTA Supervisor’s Office said it had received anonymous complaints about the room in February 2019. The complaint explained that three specific employees of the same would “play, get drunk and party.” A second similar complaint was filed at the end of June 2019.

Wisconsin police say they have found a fugitive hiding in a solar bunker in the woods.

It is not clear when an unauthorized foyer was first created and how long it was used.

According to the MTA’s report, these complaints were forwarded to the Metro-North Railroad Security Department for investigation, but the MTA inspector’s office discovered that the complaint was no longer reviewed during the investigation.

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“The behavior described in IG’s report is incredibly inappropriate and inconsistent with Metro-North’s values ​​and our commitment to providing safe, reliable and cost-effective services to our customers,” said Catherine Rinaldi, president of Metro-North railways.

According to the report, Grand Central Station management told investigators that the room didn’t even exist. An official said the wiring of TVs and streaming devices created a potential fire hazard, and “MNR fire brigade is considering a room where no one appears to have a very dangerous key and has not been fired.”

“Hazards associated with personnel hiding in the room with the door locked pose a variety of risks, including the inability of rescue personnel to quickly access the room.”

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