GTA6: The trailer suggests a job offer soon!

GTA6: The trailer suggests a job offer soon!

There are so many rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 at this point that it is difficult to say whether we are facing real hypotheses or products of fan imagination. However, a recent job release by Rockstar points to the immediate introduction of the trailer, which may be a presentation of the GTA6.

The publication behind the owner of this publication has its look on the professional side of the studio, which is looking for an “artist to capture the cinematic game” and evaluates the experience in video games on current sites.

GTA6 trailer may be delivered soon

Grab a rockstar job opportunity

If we look more closely at the description of the offer, the company is looking for an artist to help with many more projects, especially with an emphasis on filming resources for multimedia campaigns.

We are faced with an indicator that Rockstar is preparing for some sort of release soon.

The appreciation of the experience with current video game operating systems eliminates the possibility of being associated with the GTA 5 for new generation consoles, as the trailer for this iteration has already been shown.

Despite this, there are other Grand Theft Auto titles, such as Grand Theft Auto – The trilogy, which includes GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas.

Rockstar hides the game in GTA6

Since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar has said nothing about its future plans, restricting itself to emphasizing news about its golden duck, GTA5.

Many fans are starting to lose patience with successive versions of the same game, which is already on its third generation consoles.

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Rockstar may choose not to launch GTA 6 this year in order not to hinder GDA5 sales for the new generation, a strategy that needs to be changed if the numbers do not match what is desired.

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