Guide to Jigsaw Puzzles – The New York Times

Guide to Jigsaw Puzzles - The New York Times

Here are some puzzles for beginners or enthusiasts that often cost between $ 10 and $ 200.

Happily, most ordinary jigsaw puzzles declare their difficulty in numbers. The 100-, 200- or 500-piece puzzle should be filled with solver for the first time, as well as clearing images with bright colors, cutting into the usual grid shape. “The most important thing is that you have fun combining the jigsaw puzzle together, so it should be some film that you enjoy watching,” Ms. McLeod suggests. Ravensburger, Springbok, Buffalo games and puzzles And Pieces (Prices range from $ 10 to $ 50), most of which allow you to search by theme. In Ravensburg alone there are hundreds of options ranging from astronauts to unicorns Neuchwanstein Castle ($ 34.99), riot of fall foliage and fairytale towers.

If you have solved enough pictures of cats, chocolate bar wrappers and beautiful Italian landscapes, you will want a puzzle that offers something more. Brand Waskiz Expertise in puzzles such as cartoon (about $ 20) to help explain what caused the catastrophe to be filmed on the box when solved. Ravensburger has released a line Escape room puzzles ($ 19.99), in which you have to solve puzzles when you finish the puzzle, arranging the pieces as items to help the witches get out of the kitchen or space lab. Puzzles from Magic Puzzle Company New pieces that allow you to rearrange the image, ending in a tricky ending. Nervous System Mixes Two Puzzles Together ($ 175). Specializes in puzzle twist jigsaw ($ 20), which differs in essential ways from the picture in the box. Steve Wooden jigsaw puzzles create a special trick puzzle, and others are called problem makers, tormentors and teasers, but since they can run over $ 1,000, they are less fun than an investment.

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If aesthetics are important to you, there are companies that push puzzles closer to art and design. One Pomegranate, Which specializes in reproducing the finest art of works by the likes of Van Gogh and Diego Rivera ($ 17.95 to 34.95), which allows you to extend color and texture recommendations while resolving. “You can learn about brush strokes and color palettes, and you can memorize the smallest details of the most complex and densely populated canvases,” wrote novelist and jigsaw enthusiast Margaret Troble. An article last spring. Again, an old master in 2-D may still feel kitschy. Those who want a more modern feel can try Peaceworks Waist and fancy examples ($ 26 to $ 36), Areawares Sweet gradient puzzles ($ 15 to $ 35), with colors falling from light to dark, pomegranate line Charlie Harbor posters Or Jigis Playful Rectangles ($ 40). Some collectors may argue that some wooden puzzles are works of art in themselves, or at least, models of exquisite craftsmanship, especially those who specialize in strange forms Freedom puzzles And Wentworth Wood Puzzles.

On the graphite stroke 1000 crazy making pieces on white background, you can try the lines from Premiers ($ 18.99). Too concise? Look at the puzzles from Nervous System, Makers of those mixed puzzle sets, which specialize in organic forms based on phenomena such as geodes, ammonites and active amoeba ($ 45- $ 95). Try, especially for the devil version of the gradient puzzle 5000 colors from the Play ensemble ($ 50). No one piece is the same shade as the other. If it’s probably multiple colors, turn to puzzles of the same color as Ravensburger Crypt series ($ 20.99), which requires incredible patience to solve as each part is exactly the same. Or here is where the name says it all: Beverly Micro Pure White Hell (About $ 25).

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