Guterres says the answer to global problems is fragmentary

Guterres says the answer to global problems is fragmentary

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday denounced at the Munich Security Conference in Germany that international responses to global issues continue to be “fragmented and inadequate” and that 2021 is the time to change things.

In a previously recorded speech, Guterres said that “climate catastrophe”, “inequality and discrimination”, “corruption”, “the struggle for women’s rights”, “deviation from sustainable development goals”, “uncontrolled behavior in cyberspace” and “the nuclear disarmament regime” were an integrated and common. As examples of increasingly complex issues that need to be addressed.

In his view, the Portuguese ambassador outlined four priorities that the international community should immediately address: the global vaccination program against Covit-19, the achievement of zero net greenhouse gas emissions by the middle of the century, the easing of political tensions between the major powers and, finally, 21 Redefining global governance for the century.

Regarding the epidemic, he stressed that countries need to share more doses and contribute $ 6.8 billion to the Kovacs site, which wants the World Health Organization (WHO) -led vaccines to reach the world.

In this regard, he extended the UN call back to the G20 to form an emergency committee with the aim of preparing a global vaccine plan.

Regarding zero net CO2 emissions, Goodres acknowledged that there is “room for hope” because countries responsible for more than 65% of emissions, more than 70% of the world economy, have already pledged to release zero net emissions by 2050.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government in Glasgow, where he had called for a ceasefire in November.

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But the UN Secretary-General said that “we cannot solve the biggest problems when the major powers clash,” adding that an end must be put to international tensions, especially between the two major economic powers, the United States and China.

Finally, he stressed that his vision for redefining global governance includes strengthening inclusive and supportive diversity across global and regional organizations, and he wanted to bridge the gap between multiple polarization and diversity.

“Many believe that the growing diversity in the world will guarantee peace, but let’s focus on history. A century ago Europe was multi-polar, but there were no multilateral administrative mechanisms. The result was the First World War,” he concluded. Guterres.

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