Hands-on: iOS 14.2 Beta 1 changes and features [Video]

Hands-on: iOS 14.2 Beta 1 changes and features [Video]

Apple has released new software updates at a tremendous rate. New iOS 14.2 Developer Beta. This beta update includes several notable changes, including a redesigned interface for the music currently playing in Control Center. Watch a hands-on video walkthrough as you explore the new iOS 14.2 Beta 1 changes and features.

What’s New in iOS 14.2 Beta?

Controls and AirPlay 2 interface playback now updated on lock screen

Now the lock screen playing music controls has been updated with a number of subtle changes and features. The playhead indicator’s scrubber knob and volume control knob are now larger. Also notice that the timestamp showing the current position of the playhead is now right next to the playhead rather than to the left of the timeline. In this new design, the remaining time that was previously to the right of the timeline has been completely omitted.

Other new features include a new AirPlay button design and a new popover style for AirPlay 2 targets. A similar redesign has been applied to allow you to control other AirPlay 2-enabled speakers and TVs on your local network. Watch the full video walkthrough to see what’s new for yourself.

Video: iOS 14.2 Beta 1 Changes and Features

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Redesigned AirPlay 2 controls in Control Center

Similar to the updated lock screen interface, Control Center now plays the interface and AirPlay 2 controls have been redesigned.

Best of all, you’ll notice that even if the album artwork within the currently playing interface is much larger and the AirPlay 2 target interface is open, full playback controls for the currently playing music track remain on the screen.

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If no media is currently playing, iOS 14.2 Beta 1 will display a list of recommended media to the user. In the example shown in the video, iOS suggested both recently played music and podcasts.

Other Control Center features include:

  • Quickly identify if other AirPlay 2 devices are active on your network with convenient animations
  • Larger scrubber handle and volume handle
  • Source icon indicator (e.g. podcast or music)
  • Time shown near the scrubber
  • AirPlay button design differences
  • The music app also receives an updated AirPlay popover.

Another notable feature we’ve already covered in 9to5mac is the new Shazam Music Recognition CC toggle. As described in the previous post, This new toggle allows users to quickly identify which music is currently playing on their local environment or device. The toggle can also be used to identify the music currently playing through the headphones.

In addition to the previously mentioned features, the initial iOS 14.2 beta includes the following changes:

  • Person detection in magnifying glass app for social distancing
  • New watch app Apple Watch Solo Loop App icon
  • Name Headphones Safe to Reduce Loud Sounds
  • Improve handwashing through analysis

9to5mac’s take

Early The public version of iOS 14 has just been released., But we already have a new iOS 14.2 beta to explore. There’s a lot to accommodate, but it’s no surprise that Apple is continuing to push new beta releases to help squash and implement features that don’t fit for iOS 14. Some of the remaining iOS 14 bugs.

What do you think of iOS 14.2’s new AirPlay 2 interface changes and playback controls? Make a sound in the comments with your thoughts.

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