Hannity, Kamala Harris,’contact’ joke about kids returning back to school

Hannity, Kamala Harris,'contact' joke about kids returning back to school

Sean Hannity Thursday called Sen. Kamala harris “Fake, unreachable swamp politician” for a joke she made about her children Back to the classroom middle Corona virus Worldwide epidemic of infectious diseases.

Thursday during the campaign event Pennsylvania“One of the biggest dilemma among us as parents is what to do with our children in school,” said Vice President Candidate. And we all want our children to go back to school,” she said, laughing hysterically at an obvious joke about parents in need of rest after months of imprisonment with their children. She added that parents want their children to return to school “safely”.

Hannity, embarrassed, said in his monologue, “I don’t know what is so fun. “Students go back to school for decades to get an education that they can’t really get in most big cities run by the Liberal Democrats. Do you allow your parents to work again? I don’t see fun here.”

He suggested that Harris “may not know what it is like to be locked down under one roof with children who cannot go to school, parents who cannot go to work, and Democrats who do politics with aid funds.” He added that she may be able to relate and that she is just a politician who will “do and say anything for power.”

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Harris, 55, has husband Doug Emhoff and two stepchildren.

Hannity said Harris supported coronavirus containment, but vice versa Protesters‘Right to be on the street.

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“She even promoted bail money used to rescue mobs from prison. No one asked her that question,” he said.

DE BLASIO AGAIN DELAY returns to the classroom. Middle and high school students have to wait until October. One

Hannity is also Joe Biden “Evening” for confusion at a virtual campaign event Thursday, when the former vice president wasn’t sure if it was his turn to speak. “Joe Biden wants to be president of the United States, the most difficult job in the world. He can’t even get a zoom call if he doesn’t look like an idiot on a sofa in his basement bunker. “He lamented.

He told CNN city hall on Thursday everything that Trump claimed he would do as president to fight the virus he had already done, including quickly tracking the vaccine that Trump said could be prepared before the election. However, some health professionals are skeptical of the timetable.

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“Joe Biden is asleep in a cellar during the Covid period, and he was more concerned about how the United States would look at the United States about China’s imposing a travel ban in its first quarantine in 50 years,” said Hannity. Would you like to make that decision?”

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