Harry Styles invests in Manchester’s new music venue

Harry Styles invests in Manchester's new music venue

LONDON (AP) — While most music stars are rescheduling tours to 2021, Harry Styles is looking forward to more and plans to make headlines for his own arena investing his money and ideas .

Styles is one of the investors at a £350 million ($456.6 million) new concert venue in Manchester, UK called Co-op Live.

Announced Monday, the project teams up with the Oak View group he hopes to become the largest stadium in England.

“By 2023, as long as everything goes well, they will allow me to play there. If it’s not messed up yet,” said Styles laughing.

The 26-year-old One Direction, Styles, who has traveled around the world for 10 years and made record stadium shows, knows what they want from both artists and attendees.

“Ultimately, I am a music fan,” he said. “I love going to shows and I love live music.”

Even for performers, he wants to make wonderful memories.

Having already vetoed the backstage jacuzzi (“bad idea”) offer, he’s focused on making this a great place to play.

“What’s the difference from simply traveling? I want it to be a room where people remember playing and look forward to playing.”

The location also had a big impact on the style.

He discovered the idea of ​​giving a “surprisingly exciting” idea to a “music city” like Manchester, a new large concert building.

Styles’ first job was to work as a newspaper boy at a Co-op store in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. Delivering the newspaper for “a few quids” before going to school. So now working with them feels like a moment that makes you go around a wheel. (He said most of his paper income was spent on candy.)

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“Maybe they’ll be the first show I’ll get papers delivered to every spot,” he joked.

Styles’ dad lives in Manchester. Cities in northern England have recently been severely restricted by the British government due to the number of coronavirus cases.

“It is a difficult time. Manchester will be back. It will. Like everywhere, it’s about people who protect each other.”

The plague has suspended his travel plans to support his “Fine Line” album until December 2020.

Style is philosophical about this delay. His date was moved to 2021, and he said he was more interested in keeping the crew and fans safe.

Instead, he was able to start acting again this time in’Do n’t Worry, Darling’, a psychological thriller directed by Olivia Wilde and starring Florence Pew.

It’s a music transition that he says he’s always writing and working on.

“You’re trying to put a lot of yourself into the music and you’re actively trying to get rid of it from any acting,” he said. “I was really lucky to be able to do two things that I like.”

While he is filming, Styles is dropping a new music video for “Golden” filmed in Italy away from social media monitoring of his hair length.

“It was one of the first songs when I made an album and it has always been a source of joy. And I wanted to make a video that encapsulates it.

“I want to think that I can support both of them. They cheered me on,” he said with a smile.

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