Has Nintendo got any hints on the new Nintendo Switch?

Has Nintendo got any hints on the new Nintendo Switch?

Did Nintendo hint at the new Nintendo Switch? Since last year, “Nintendo Switch Pro” and “Nintendo Switch 2” have been rumored. This year these rumors have grown into reports from pretty reliable sources, but for now, rumors and reports are everything. That said, we haven’t officially confirmed that Nintendo will create another Nintendo Switch model after the Nintendo Switch Lite, but it’s definitely going to be.

First, you need to check if there are big and notable third-party games on the system with the PS5 and Xbox Series X released in November. Nintendo has never participated in power games, but the PS5 and Xbox Series X will make the Switch look like a dinosaur right now.

Nintendo also loves hardware iterations. It worked for them, and more importantly, it works for switches too. Switch Lite continues to gain great popularity.

All of that seems to be hinting at the new Nintendo Switch, or more specifically the more powerful Nintendo Switch, although Nintendo continues to be secret about brewing, as expected.

Hint revealed through a recent Nintendo management briefing session and company president Shuntaro Furukawa that Nintendo considers the Switch to be in the middle of its lifecycle. Also, Furukawa shared that Nintendo plans to extend this lifecycle. Praising this, the Nintendo president has said that Nintendo has traditionally looked for existing technology to launch at an affordable price, but Furukawa said Nintendo is exploring cutting-edge technology that hints at the next iteration. The Switch will be the reputed Nintendo Switch Pro.

On this topic, Furukawa stated that the switch, which combines handheld consoles and traditional consoles into one, now means Nintendo has the time and resources to invest in a single platform. Of course, what I’m suggesting here is that the Switch will get full support from Nintendo. This was not the case with many computers in the past.

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For now, it’s time to see what Nintendo will do next, but it’s far from ending with Switch and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the next hardware will be part of the Switch family.

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