Have an old PC? Chrome may soon stop working

Chrome browser Google processadores funcionar

As the most widely used browser on the Internet, Chrome covers a wide range of platforms, covering almost all operating systems, from smartphones to desktops. Google’s program does not stop there, and is the basis for many browsers.

Its versatility is excellent and supported by all available hardware. This situation will change soon and Chrome and other browsers will lose support for older computers. Stop getting updates from Google.

End of support for Chrome

Although it is a browser that runs almost everywhere, Google is obliged to set some limits. These are mainly related to the support of certain hardware, which did not have the expected and necessary evolution.

So, and As you announced In one of its policy documents, this Google browser will soon lose support for the old processor package. We are specifically talking about x86 programs that do not have minimal support for SSE3 (sub-streaming SIMD extensions 3).

Google has changed the rules of your browser

SSE 3 is a set of algorithms for processors that began to be extensively implemented in 2005 by major manufacturers such as AMD and Intel. In this scenario, only processors that have been launched in the last 15 years can continue to use Chrome to get rid of this problem.

However, according to Chrome version 89, this support will abandon older machines with such a processor. Since we are talking about machines with a useful life of at least 15 years, the problem is relatively small.

Chrome browser works with Google Processors

More projects will stop working

Another problem with this change is that Chromium spreads to other browsers. As the site changes, it will affect all different versions that use this Google program as their site. So let’s see if Edge, Opera, Vivaldi and many others have the same problem.

Although an important issue, it should have a minimal impact on users. Only machines over the age of 15 will be affected, and they will not be able to access Chrome. However, there is an interesting question about what Google does in its program with the bias of other browsers.

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