Have you learned to invest, but are not sure yet? This does not happen with BTM Digital | BTM is the currency that makes the digital difference

Have you learned to invest, but are not sure yet?  This does not happen with BTM Digital |  BTM is the currency that makes the digital difference

You already know the bonus Turato Mercantile – PTM – you know that investing is safe, even with 94% of compliments in the face of epidemics, it is not a generic digital currency, but the real structure and investments of transactions. Still, not sure yet?

Fear of looking for alternatives precisely makes many people keep their money in savings, for example. But for the thousands of Brazilians who learned about BTM and downloaded the application, it is no longer the case, and they are starting to invest in a 100% digital account with no monthly or annual fees.

The map shows BDM’s appreciation – Photo: BDM Digital

My experience with PTM began at the height of the epidemic in 2020, when there was low expectation for investment, in view of the global economic downturn. But as I began to study the algorithms and variations of this cryptocurrency, all of this gave me confidence in the possibility of using it in BTM companies, except that the rating works better than any savings, ”said attorney Marcos Lopez.

Coin in the face of infection 94% appreciated – Photo: BTM Digital

Reading more about this investment, Lopez found that individuals and companies do not have the habit of saving and investing, especially when talking about reserves for future investments or even during critical periods such as the last few months.

“Many companies have lost their working capital and a balance sheet can reduce the impact. I started my investment in April 2020 because it is easier to know other cryptocurrencies, while at this time the value of 1 pdm was R $ 4.20, today it is R $ 5.77 Is equal to, so if a person invests a thousand rice, today that amount will rise to R $ 373.80, earning 10% per month, ”the lawyer said.

PTM Digital – Photo: PTM Digital

In addition to the benefits for investors, accredited companies are not left behind because BTM tariff R $ 0.01, for purchase or transaction, creates real savings for entrepreneurs who own their portfolios. Owned. If the person wants to change their PTM to Rice, ask them to withdraw the application at any time.

“I see traders understanding the purpose of BDM, with which they are already switching between themselves, in this case, accredited and customers. These are all part of our challenge, which is what we want PDM in population, trade and services, because P.O. We are fulfilling the functionality created by .TM and this idea will go viral and conquer the world, ”concluded PDM Business Advisor Adriana Andrade.

The company offers BDM and the owner says he is very satisfied – Photo: BDM Digital

Learn more about BTM: Thousands of people already use this technology every day. Be a part of this discovery by approaching bdmercantil.com.br.

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