Hawaii does not expect 2021 to be encouraging this year

Hawaii does not expect 2021 to be encouraging this year

Everyone knows those issues Huawei Is with the United States, unfortunately they do not seem to have an end in sight, because even with the arrival of a new administration, the Chinese technology company expects a change.

According to new information, Huawei Some sources suggest that the company expects to build 70 million to more than 80 million smartphones by 2021.

This means that the company is preparing for at least a 60 percent drop compared to the nearly 189 million phones sold last year. According to some experts on the subject, Hawaii may end up ordering components for just 50 million devices because it expects sales to fall further this year.

By 2021 Hawaii will be selling the fewest smartphones

Meanwhile, Huawei has been completely silent about these production changes, especially as the company still expects legal issues with the United States to be resolved or at least reduced.

However, Gina Raimonto, President Joe Biden’s candidate for trade secretary, said earlier this month that removing Huawei from the list of companies on the blacklist was not something they planned to do, and that it was real, given the national risk involved.

That’s why Huawei decided to invest heavily in its own operating system for its smartphones, and above all in terms of apps to replace Google’s apps, it is clear that customers around the world prefer Google’s apps because they are better implemented.

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