Hawaii Shark Attack: A Surfer Killed by a Shark That Stopped a Surfing Match

Hawaii Shark Attack: A Surfer Killed by a Shark That Stopped a Surfing Match

The unidentified victim died Wednesday evening, according to CNN officials at the Maui Memorial Medical Center.

A 56-year-old man from the town of Lahina in western Maui was jumping from an old bend in the bay when the incident happened. According to a report released by Hawaii Land and Natural Resources. DLNR said he was taken to hospital after the attack and was admitted for surgery.
State Department Posted several photos on social media Displays a surfboard with large bite marks. A photo showed a bite mark measuring 17 inches wide.
The Hawaii DLNR released photos of a surfboard with bite marks.
The attack prompted the indefinite holding of the World Surf League Women’s Professional Surfing Tournament, Maui Pro on the day of the attack. According to WSL.
The WSL announced its decision to cancel the remaining heat of the tournament in Honolulu Bay on Wednesday, Mentions in a release After working with local officials and talking to surfers, the system works on options to finish the event at an alternative location in Hawaii.

The surfer who died in the attack was a recreational surfer and was not involved in WSL competition, DLNR reported.

Surfing organization offers condolences to the family, friends and community of the victim of the shark attack In a social media post on Thursday.

“The WSL is aware that the victim of Tuesday’s shark attack in the Gulf of Honolulu died tragically,” WSL wrote in a headline on social media. “Our thoughts and hearts are with the victim’s family and friends and the entire Maui browsing community.”

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