He is the champion! The Chinese cell phone beats the iPhone and has a ‘professional’ camera; Ranking

He is the champion!  The Chinese cell phone beats the iPhone and has a ‘professional’ camera;  Ranking

The lenses of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro Plus have been featured to outperform cameras from rival brands such as Xiaomi and Apple, in addition to outperforming smartphones from manufacturers, which have already received good marks. The Mi10 Ultra is now in third place, followed by the iPhone 12 Pro Max in fifth place under two Huawei phones.

As in the case of the main camera, the photo gallery of the cell phone that broke the record for dots is 50 MP. It is worth noting that up to Leica has lenses. On the Ultra White you can see the 20MP and f / 1.8 aperture. The telephoto lens has 12MP and f / 3.4. Still arranged, it will allow an 8MP superzoom camera with f / 4.4 aperture approximately 10 times. Finally, depth detection is done by the TOF sensor, which is already a tradition in the Chinese company.

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The wide dynamic range is one of the highlights of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro Plus, and video stabilization was considered useful. Reviewers praised the pleasant colors, good white balance and low noise in photos with ultra-wide and telephoto.

Hawaii Mate 40 Pro Plus DxOMark Ranks 139 – Photo: Breeding / DxOMark

On the other hand, the cell phone ranks second in terms of zoom and video, losing the Xiaomi Mi10 Ultra and the Huawei Mate 40 Pro respectively. Other issues indicating loss of points were shallow field and close range of focus failures.

With information from DxOMark e Gadgets 360.

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