He saved a fox and got daily company at dinner. Fernando and “Linda” – Learn the story of the community

He saved a fox and got daily company at dinner.  Fernando and "Linda" - Learn the story of the community

A resident of a village in Bragania got a company for dinner after saving a fox, which now takes him home every day and returns to the forest after dinner.

Fernando Almeida has been sharing photos and videos of this unexpected relationship on social networks as he enters his home, eats from his hand and even feeds with other pets like two cats.

Fernando lives near the road in the village of Oliros, near the town of Bragania, and the story of this relationship with Luca began in November when he saw a fox prostrate on the road while he was driving.

“He must have crashed into a car because he had no injuries and he must have been bored,” he suspects.

He took the animal home and “for four or five days, until it got better, started walking and left”.

“Suddenly, he disappeared there for about 15 days,” he said, until one night, while Fernando Almeida was watching a movie in the kitchen, he was startled to see a figure in the window, who usually feeds the cats.

After all, the fox that came back was, “From there, he comes back every night at dinner, and will not leave until Fernando feeds him.”

“You seem to know the noise of the van, it appears when I come,” he stressed about the lack of time for animals when Fernando comes home after work.

The fox eats, “It is, and then it disappears until the next day”.

The proximity between them allows him to eat even the beast out of this man’s hand, and he is already forgiven for the instability of throwing himself into fox food.

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Fernando started buying meat from Lusa for his own purpose or the fox was called a butcher from the butcher shop.

“She’s crazy about chicken,” he says.

Fernando also observes the behavior of the fox eating where he puts his food, but he also picks up and “takes four or five pieces in his mouth, he doesn’t know where he is, he goes on to eat constantly”.

“I don’t know if I should keep it,” he asks.

It may even be “a fox”, but Fernando called her “Linda” and guarantees that she will respond if he calls her by name.

As it turned out, dinner would disappear into the mountain until the next hour, because, as Fernando pointed out, “she’s wild, she’s not trapped”.

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