He was shot after roughly firing at various locations in Chicago

He was shot after roughly firing at various locations in Chicago

A man killed three people and four others by police in the U.S. city of Chicago on Saturday.

The motive for the irregular attacks is now unknown. The man, identified as Jason Nightengale, opened fire on a 30-year-old man while he was sitting in the car in the parking lot.

The “Chicago Tribune” then writes that Nightingale entered a nearby building, killed a 46-year-old security guard at the desk, and shot the 77-year-old woman who had come to pick up the mail, who was taken to hospital in critical condition. .

The next victims were two women, one in a convenience store, one 20, died, and 81 were in critical condition.

After leaving the store, Nightingale shot and killed the 15-year-old girl in her mother’s car.

Using the stolen car, the man drove into the city of Evanston and shot several shots inside a pharmacy, shooting a woman inside a nearby restaurant without hitting anyone.

After leaving the restaurant, Nightingale was surrounded by police in a parking lot and was shot when he opened fire.

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