Heidi Klum’s daughter, 16, makes her modeling debut: ‘Can’t dream of a great start’

Heidi Klum's daughter, 16, makes her modeling debut: 'Can't dream of a great start'

Heidi KlumDaughter Lenny recently saw the whole thing in her organ, a Modeling Introduction to the Ages.

Lenny – born Helen – the eldest daughter of Gloom and singer Seal, adopted in 2009 by an ex-couple.

But despite the lack of biological DNA shared with the foster mother, the 16-year-old is considered by many to be the youngest clone of the 47-year-old “Project Runway” star.

Joined Chloe Lenny on the January / February cover Vogue Germany. Lenny thanked a gloom Instagram post, “Couldn’t dream of a better start,” Chloe said, drawing attention this time around so her daughter could shine.

“Lenny has already seen a lot of worlds and has been behind the scenes since he was a child,” Gloom told Fashion Publishing about the cover. “I will always be fine when she comes with me at work. It’s a strange, but good feeling. This is the other way around today: I’m taking my daughter to work, no other way.”

Heidi Klum Dog Leni, 16, is interested in modeling and hosting TV

On the lively cover, Chloe could not plant a kiss on her daughter’s cheek because Leni was wearing a green top, bright pink oversized slacks and an enlarged blue blazer pasted over her shirt.

Chloe pulls on Lenny’s stylish getup because she chose a different combination and paired the blue slacks with the pink blazer.

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Both mother and daughter chased straightened blonde and blonde locks.

Last week, in a bit of foreshadowing, Gloom opened up about her daughter’s wishes Do the modeling And providing television.

Heidi Klum and the former Seal, adopted Lenny in 2009.
(Getty Images)

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“She’s kind of coming [on set] Not only what I do, but also what different people do on the TV set. I think it’s very interesting to her, “The”Germany’s next best model”Said the host People’s Magazine.

Klum added: “When you were that age, you were trying for the first time to see who you were, what you wanted to be, and what these different jobs of performing on a TV show were. She wants to do what I do. ”

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The “God Talent of America“Judge, Leni said it was a game to engage in modeling and hosting.

“Who knows, when I haven’t hosted a show in five years, it’s like Lenny Klum’s Germany’s next best model ‘instead of Heidi Klum,” he told the crowd.[Leni] Playing with this idea. “

Heidi Klum said her daughter Lenny has to wait until she is 16 to enter the modeling world.  (Getty Images)

Heidi Klum said her daughter Lenny has to wait until she is 16 to enter the modeling world. (Getty Images)

Gloom always kept her daughters’ privacy close to her clothes, however, as Leni was 16 and driving, she pointed out that teenagers needed to have some freedom.

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“She’s old enough now,” Heidi told the store. “I always thought she was so young. We always decided to keep children out of the public eye. But she’s driving a car now, she’s 16, so I figured you could do it, and this is what you can model now if you want to do it. ”

When clothing brand Brandi Melville gave Leni her first kick at the age of 13 three years ago, Leni Vogue actually sent her modeling debut to Germany.

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“Then I begged Mom, but no chance!” Said Lenny. “I understand now that it would have been much quicker.”

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