Henrik Arazo’s goal is to prevent Benfica B from failing

Golo de Henrique Araújo evita derrota do Benfica B

The young Madron player is once again one of the highlights of the red team.

A goal from Henrik Arazo created the cap for Diego Martins and ended precisely, in a match in the 18th round of the second league, preventing Benfica B defeat by Villafrancense.

The Ripatezanos and the young ‘Eagles’ provided an excellent football game, with four goals, two in each area, and Joao Trolho’s students came in very strong, but allowed Nalson Verasimo’s men’s reaction.

Ribatezanos got off to a great start, with a collective, simple, practical and effective move in the 13th minute, with Evandro Brando touching Carlos Santos’ ‘face’, following the help of Diego Pinto, following a center from the left by Water Bruno. The always dangerous Ribatjanos, in the corner line, in 29 minutes, by Diego Goyleho, jumped alone and advanced successfully, into a corner pointed to Water Bruno on the right.

‘Avatars’ peaked in performance in the second period, and Repotejo reduced the error in 56 minutes, following the first header of Paulo Bernardo’s free kick and Joao Ferreira.

Vilafrankens lost the clarity, Benfica B was driven by the goal, it did not take long to restore equality, it happened in 63 minutes, Henrique Arazo isolated himself and finished accurately turning Diego Martins into a hat. In the final, both teams each had a sovereign chance to reach the third goal, but Henrique Arazo fired from above and Nuno Rodriguez hit the right post.

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