Here are the winners of the fast food and the losers of breakfast

Here are the winners of the fast food and the losers of breakfast
This is because many people stay in their own home breakfast And morning coffee, Taco Bell, Starbucks and Tim Horton are affected. Still, as time goes on, there are some signs of coming back, mainly McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

Here’s who wins and loses at breakfast based on recent earnings:

McDonald’s (M.C.T.) In September and October there was an increase in sales in stores that were open for at least a year for all day areas, including mornings. Before the epidemic, it was a reversal following a several-month decline in breakfast.

Although it did not start anything new in the morning of the third quarter, the recovery was boosted by strong sales throughout the day. Popular foods and fresh chicken nugget flavors added by McDonald’s, which helped U.S. sales in stores grow by 4.6% to open at least one year.

In anticipation, McDonald’s is focusing more on its McCoff lineup With fresh pastries It also said at a recent meeting of investors that the continued sale of “hot, fast, refreshing coffee” has “tremendous growth potential.” However, plans to bring back breakfast all day have not been announced.

Winner: Wendy’s

Wendy’s breakfast is still growing. Launched just days before the epidemic hit the United States, the food accounted for 7% of sales in the third quarter. Although this is a slight decrease from the previous quarter, it remains Wendy’s success story.

In a November 4 revenue call, CEO Todd Benagore noted that this food “offers us an unprecedented sales and profit layer”. “We see our customer satisfaction scores being our highest during the day because customers love the offerings we have.”

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In particular, critics were concerned that the start of breakfast would ruin its lunch and dinner sales. That’s not what Benagore said, “sending the message around the quality food we serve at breakfast goes back to supporting our day business.”

Of Wendy (Wen) Said to continue to grow breakfast with more publicity and advertisements.

Loser: Starbucks

No chain was affected by the sudden change in morning routines Starbucks (SBUX). U.S. open sales in stores fell 9% over the past quarter. It improved in September, with store sales dropping 4% in stores for at least a year since the return of Pumpkin Spice Late.
However, the chain of recovery next year is promising, with stores expecting sales to remain open for at least a year Go from 17% to 22%. Suburban and drive-through spaces are recovering faster than urban spaces.

Loser: Taco Bell

Breakfast sales, down 6% from Taco Bell, fell to 4% in the third quarter. A significant portion of its American restaurants stopped selling it during epidemics.

Yum! Brands (YUM) CEO David Gibbs said in his Oct. 30 revenue call that “this has long been guaranteed for breakfast and I look forward to seeing it back in all stores as time goes on.”

However, quarterly sales in stores that have been open for at least a year grew by 3%.

Losers: Tim Hortons and Burger King

Both chains, own Restaurant Brands International (QSR), Was in the worst third quarter. At Burger King, U.S. sales in stores that have been open for at least a year fell 8% due to its breakfast offerings.

“Infectious disruption to morning routines and mobility contributed to our smooth performance during the day,” CEO Jose Sil said in a revenue call. “Clear areas for serving our breakfast,” he added, and it will be released in early 2021.

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Tim Hortons, who is very popular for breakfast and coffee, was also in a quarter. Sales in Canada fell 14%, where it is located and there are about 5,000 restaurants.

“The proliferation of Govt-19 and home stay orders have had a particularly significant impact on regular high-frequency regular arrivals, which are an important part of our business in Canada,” Sil said.

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