Historic SpaceX rocket launches more Starlink satellites

Historic SpaceX rocket launches more Starlink satellites

Falcon 9 explodes on August 30th.


Sent Falcon 9 Rocket Booster NASA Astronaut on the International Space Station It will be recycled again when SpaceX sends 60 more in May. Starlink satellite It is orbiting on a pillar of fire.

The reusable rocket, a trademark of Elon Musk, will make its third flight when taking off from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. This particular unit sent astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken into orbit in May. Korean satellite launch In July. Until now, SpaceX has been able to launch and land the same rocket. Six times.

The launch was originally scheduled for early this month, but it was postponed several times due to weather, including Monday morning heavy clouds over Cape Canaveral hindering launch at the last minute. The day’s scrub was announced 30 seconds before scheduled take-off at 7:22 AM Pacific Time. The new target release date has not yet been announced.

When it finally hits the ground, it should be a fairly routine launch. It will be the 13th Starlink mission so far, and SpaceX is planning more as it grows the broadband mega constellation.

The nose cone on top of the rocket, or half of the fairing, has seen two flights before. Both were former Starlink missions.

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After the second stage and payload of the rocket are launched and separated, the first stage booster returns to Earth and lands on a drone in the Atlantic Ocean.

SpaceX streams the full story about 10 minutes before launch. We will be updating this post as new release dates are announced and you can also watch them here via the feed below.

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