Historic! The PS5 had the best output for a console

Historic!  The PS5 had the best output for a console

The PS5 is already a huge success. Launched in November 2020, this console has already broken many records in a short period of time. Jim Ryan, President of SIE spoke about the first weeks of console at the CES 2021 event.

According to him, the device broke all possible records. The challenges and issues posed by the epidemic are not enough to stop the progress of the PlayStation brand. Check out Jim’s statement at the event:

“Sony is an entertainment company, it’s never been important. PS5 has been our best release and the best console release of all time. We are grateful to be part of our community and an organization that values ​​creativity, diversity and innovation.”

Surprisingly, despite the claim, Jim did not release any numbers at the event. Of course they have to publish the final reports for the current financial year on March 31st, which is generally the date of publication.

About PS5

PS5 thanks to its robust hardware and robust games. The Demons Souls remake was the brand’s first major excerpt in this new generation.

Were you excited about everything you saw?

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