Home Depot is selling a new Google Chromecast that has not yet been announced.

Home Depot is selling a new Google Chromecast that has not yet been announced.

Google’s Pixel 5 event is scheduled for this Wednesday, but some of the company’s other new gadgets are already appearing on store shelves. This includes an all-new Chromecast that some savvy buyers were able to do. Buy directly in-store at retail stores such as Walmart and The Home Depot Over the past week.

The Verge You’ve bought these devices from The Home Depot, and you can make sure that retailers aren’t stopping customers from checking out and taking pre-release products home.

Not all stores sell these items. We tried two things, but only found a new Chromecast in the second location. And since entering the universal product code on the receipt into the retailer’s website doesn’t give any results, it seems like you can only buy it yourself early.

It doesn’t even say Chromecast on the receipt. List the devices under the hardware’s codename’SABRINA-ABBEY ROCK CANDY’ (another clue that Chromecast is on sale sooner than expected). Google did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

We’ve seen a lot of new streaming dongles leaking. New oval design and Google’s first dedicated Chromecast remote. However, thanks to these initial sales, we are generally getting a lot more information than we do before launch. Here are some of the important things we have gained from our own experiences and those of others. Reddit’s Q&A Etc :

  • The device costs $49.99.
  • Since the codename is printed on the receipt itself, it’s actually “Sabrina” as you can see from the initial leak (it’s not clear what Abbey means or what you can refer to, but it’s all represented as Sabrina-Abbey).
  • It comes in a white finish that Google calls’eyes’.
  • It runs a rebranded version of Android TV called Google TV (don’t get confused. Google’s Different The disappeared smart TV platform Of the same name, first released 10 years ago)
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We will share more about the new Chromecast soon. Google’s Official Pixel 5 hardware event The place that plans to announce the new Chromecast along with other new hardware, including the Nest’s speakers, is scheduled for Wednesday, September 30th at 2pm EST.

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