Hong Kong temporarily blocks flights into the city during the Govt-19 blockade

Hong Kong temporarily blocks flights into the city during the Govt-19 blockade

(CNN) – The Hong Kong government on Friday told CNN that Hong Kong has temporarily banned four international flights from flying to the city on certain routes under a new law aimed at preventing the spread of Kovit-19.

As a blow to holiday travelers, British Airways passenger flights from London to Hong Kong have been banned from December 12 to December 25, officials said.

Hong Kong officials cited a British Airways flight that landed in Hong Kong on December 8, along with four Govt-positive passengers and one passenger who failed to comply with detention requirements, according to Hong Kong.

Under strict new rules, the Hong Kong government has now banned British Airways, Emirates, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Nepal Airlines from flying to Hong Kong on specific routes for 14 days.

“We are disappointed with the Hong Kong authorities’ decision to suspend our passenger flights from London to Hong Kong and are working closely with the authorities to restart these services,” British Airways said in a statement.

“We apologize to our customers and offer to fly with another carrier, who can travel with us later or get a full refund. Our flights from Hong Kong to London continue to operate.” The report says.

On November 27, K.L.M. According to a government report, one or more Govt-positive passengers were found aboard the ship.

Similar to the Nepal Airlines flight on December 1, the ban is enforced when one aircraft carries five Covit-19 positive passengers, from which six passengers test positive for arrival.

The ban also applies to an airline that operates two consecutive flights to Hong Kong carrying Covit-19 positive passengers, with Emirates flights bringing four cases to Hong Kong on December 2 and three cases on December 3.

The KLM-operated flight from Amsterdam to Hong Kong on November 27 contained only a confirmed Govt-positive passenger, but was added to the 14-day detention list by the Hong Kong government.

The government says it has the right to block a route for 14 days if a passenger on a plane carrying Covit-19 fails to comply with infection control measures.

The Hong Kong government said on Friday that KLM’s Amsterdam-Hong Kong and Nepal Airlines’ Kathmandu route will not be operational until December 17 and that Emirates will not be able to fly from Dubai or Bangkok to Hong Kong until December 18.

CNN has also approached Emirates, KLM and Nepal Airlines for feedback.

CNN’s Marnie Hunter contributed to this report.

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