Hot Mike, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman marked the NFL pregame flyover.

Hot Mike, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman marked the NFL pregame flyover.

Fox Sports announcer Joe Buck is on air before the NFL game.

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‘It’s the hard earned money and taxes at work.’

That’s when Fox sports caster Joe Buck expressed his criticism of flying a military jet before the NFL match in Tampa, Florida on Sunday.

Buck was caught by a hot mic just before the start of the Sunday match between Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Flight by military jets has been a settlement for sporting events for many years, but Buck and his announcement partner, Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Ikeman, appear not to be fans.

“It’s just a lot of jet fuel for a bit of flight,” Aikman said before starting the match, while Aikman observed before the match, pulling Buck’s dramatic remarks about the taxes spent.

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According to the Washington Post Flying a squadron of airplanes can cost around $60,000. per hour. Larger scale President Trump’s flight of the controversial July 4 event at the National Mall in 2019 It costs $1.2 million, according to, citing U.S. Department of Defense data.

“That doesn’t happen with Kamala-Biden tickets, I’ll tell you right now. I’ll tell you right now,” Aikman, who was not reluctant to comment on current affairs in the past, added.

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