Houston Rockets ‘ready to be embarrassed’ with James Horton, Russell Westbrook

Houston Rockets 'ready to be embarrassed' with James Horton, Russell Westbrook

The Houston Rockets felt no pressure on the trade James Horton Or Russell Westbrook, Regardless of the superstars ’strong desire for new stars, starts with different camps, and sources told ESPN that the training camp is“ ready to be embarrassed ”when the season opens.

The front office of the Rockets, led by recently promoted general manager Rafael Stone, is adamant that no player will be traded if a team does not meet the asking price.

Even if the superstars are dissatisfied with the situation, the Rockets have no problem getting to training camp and starting the season with Horton and Westbrook.

Evidence confirms that rockets and Washington guides discussed a Westbrook-to-John Wall The deal, originally announced by the athlete, but Houston wants additional assets with Wall, comes from a deformed Achilles tendon in the former All-Star point guard.

Since both superstars are on contract for at least two seasons, the Rockets consider time to be on their side. Horton and Westbrook each have $ 3133 million over three years – including final season player options – remaining in their contracts.

Rockets are demanding particularly steep returns for Horton, a perennial MVP candidate who has led the NBA in scoring over the past three seasons: according to sources, a proven, young star is a focal point. Sources said Houston did not feel obligated to provide Horton with its preferred location for the Brooklyn nets.

Rockets also understand that Westbrook abandoned Houston Chris Paul, Two first-round picks and two exam transfers last summer at Horton’s insistence, will not dictate Horton’s the same type of business revenue. However, Houston did not want to tackle Westbrook without acquiring assets such as young talent or first-round picks.

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Houston were reluctant to sell to third-team All-NBA selectors Westbrook last season for a low price when he struggled to restart the NBA in the bubble, skipping several games while returning to form after suffering from his right quadriceps and injured in the playoffs. .

The 32 – year – old Westbrook – averaging 31.5 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.8 assists, shot 52.6% off the ground two and a half months before the outbreak – is expected to be recovered by rockets. Value with a strong start to the season, sources said. They have no worries that unhappiness could affect Westbrook’s effort to become one of the league’s most relentless competitors.

Meanwhile, the Rockets have begun storing assets that could help the owner after both superstars leave.

They agreed Monday night to trade forward Robert Covington For Portland Trail Blazers for the 16th Test on Wednesday Draft, Choose the first round of the future and forward Trevor Ariza, A senior player who could contribute if Houston is competitive this season or if the contract expires and becomes a valuable trading chip.

Sources said the Rockets are hoping to buy a pick until Wednesday – late in the first round or early in the second round.

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