How can Russia monitor NATO after the conclusion of the Open Sky Agreement?

How can Russia monitor NATO after the conclusion of the Open Sky Agreement?

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Igor Korotchenko, director of the World Arms Trade Analysis Center, told Sputnik that Russia could use satellites to make up for the lack of surveillance aircraft in NATO countries after the suspension of the open sky agreement.

“It is important for Russia to make up for the shortage of test aircraft in foreign territories, especially in NATO member states, by strengthening capabilities in all types of space intelligence and, above all. [de reconhecimento] opticelectronic and radiotechnical, “said Sputnik in an interview.

According to him, the move will allow Russia to advance military plans for countries that Moscow considers a possible adversary.

In addition, Korotchenko stressed that Russia should increase the activities of its spy agencies to obtain information on the plans or intentions of NATO countries.

To Be the first person to leave the contract, The United States destroyed it, so in this case Russia simply sees the position that this agreement is no longer valid and will not work. This is entirely Washington’s fault, “he said.

US surveillance aircraft OS-135B Open Skies

This Friday (15), Russia announced its launch The formal process for opt-out of an open air contract, In November 2020 in the U.S.

The Open Skies Agreement, signed in Helsinki in 1992, allows military observers to conduct aerial surveillance aircraft to capture images of troop and ship movements.

Moscow says US expects allies to block Russian surveillance planes, on the one hand, by pulling out of the Open Skies deal U.S. military installations in Europe And, on the other hand, Europeans share aerial photographs of Russian territory with Washington.

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The views expressed in this matter are inconsistent with those of the Sputnik Press

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