How NASA is working with the ‘dent’ in Earth’s magnetic area

How NASA is dealing with the 'dent' in Earth's magnetic field

Earth is an monumental magnet, its iron-abundant main developing a defend of magnetic industry that envelopes the earth —— nicely, pretty much. A “dent” in this magnetic field identified as the South Atlantic Anomaly lets charged particles from the sun to dip closer to the world in an region above South America and the Southern Atlantic Ocean. 

These particles, at the very least, can mess with devices up in space. So NASA scientists and other scientists have no selection but to adapt to this hiccup in the magnetic field, switching off satellite instruments that go by way of the SAA and accepting the loss of some information on devices aboard the Intercontinental Space Station (ISS). They’re also keeping close tabs on the SAA, according to a new article from NASA’s Goddard House Flight Middle.

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