How old is the fantasy of this ancient star?

How old is the fantasy of this ancient star?

The nebra sky disk is known to be the oldest known universe. Discovered years after the discovery by predators in 1999 and stung by archaeologists and law enforcement agencies, these ancient bronze artifacts were studded with gold ornaments in the night sky, causing heated debate.

Now a pair of German archaeologists question the date and origin of the disc and add another chapter to the complex saga of fascinating objects.

The disc is now estimated to be about 3,600 years old, dating back to the Bronze Age. The predators who first discovered it said it was buried on top of a hill near the town of Nebra in Germany, next to weapons of the same era.

Rupert Gebhard, head of the Bavarian National Archaeological Collection in Munich, and Rüdiger Krause, an early European history professor at Goethe University in Frankfurt, suggest that the disc is now a product of the Iron Age, about a thousand years younger.

The researchers also most likely had the disc moved to the nebra site from another location by a predator, meaning that it may not be related to other artifacts or the nebra itself. Research published this month From the journal Archaeological Information.

Dr. Krause said, “We consider the disc to be a find. The reason is that there is nothing suitable for the surrounding area.

The prehistoric museum in Halle, Germany, exhibiting the Nebra Skydisc is Issue a statement It is said that the team’s conclusions were “definitely inaccurate” and “easily refuted”.

“The biggest mistake in science is not referring to the entire data,” said Harald Meller, head of the museum. “What these colleagues do is only reference very limited data that seems to fit their system.”

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Dr. Gebhard and Dr. Krause questioned some early assumptions about discs.

Artifacts are thought to be related in part to Bronze Age items, because the subject’s soil exhibited a common period, but research points out that the court documents for these assessments are conflicting. According to Dr. Gebhard and Dr. Krause, some weapons associated with the disk do not date back to the Bronze Age or may come from the same burial site.

Researchers suspect that the original predator might have moved the artifact to the Nebra location and kept his site secret from expert archaeologists.

Dr. Gebhard said, “The places they excavated are like treasure chests, so they never say.” “They just go back to the same place to get and sell new ingredients.”

Disputes over the authenticity of the Nebra Sky Disc are not uncommon. Its colorful design surprised both professionals and the public, but It also caused concern. It can be counterfeit.

“The problem here is that it’s such a one-off,” said Alison Sheridan, former president of a prehistoric society who wasn’t involved in both teams. “That’s why people said it might be fake.”

Emilia Pásztor, an archaeologist at the Hungarian Museum of Türr István, who studied the disc, pointed out that the black market background amplifies this uncertainty.

“The Nebra Disc is one of the archaeological finds that can be argued forever until a very accurate absolute dating method for metals is found due to the discovery situation.”

Nevertheless, there is a strong consensus that the Nebra sky disk is a true ancient artifact.

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“This is the original. It’s not fake,” said Dr. Krause of the disc. “What you can create through it is a very interesting scientific discussion that shows the different aspects or purposes of how to judge this object in the Bronze or Iron Age.”

To this end, Dr. Meller’s team plans to present a rebuttal to the new research. Other archaeologists think there will be a lot to work with.

Dr. Sheridan said, “What is presented here does not blow out the water the claim that it is clearly the Bronze Age.

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