How Steve Carell showed Michael Scott’s growth when he left the show

Michael Scott was one of the most terrifying characters on television. Constant demand for praise and attention office It’s hard to see, but that’s what made the series so much fun.

He may have been awkward and ignorant at times, but Michael was still able to evolve. Steve Carell There was a perfect way to wrap up Michael’s time. office Showing how much his values ​​have changed over the years.

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Michael Scott got the spotlight.

If you are a fan office, You know how desperately you should have liked Michael Scott.

“Should I like it?” Michael asked about the camera in one of the series’ delightful stories. “Absolutely do. Do I like what I like? I enjoy what I like. I have to like. But it’s not like having to like this obsessive desire. Like a desire to be praised.”

Michael has always been looking for his soul mate, but the need to be liked and respected by all his staff has always been paramount. He had very few other important people, so Michael placed a lot of value on how his employees perceived him.

In the end, Michael Scott only wanted Holly Flax’s attention.

Part of Michael’s character arc was to find love. When Michael found it on Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) he started to change.

Ryan told Brian Baumgartner’s co-star on his podcast, “If you find true love, I don’t think anything else matters. Oral history of the office. When Michael met Holly, he began to evolve. Suddenly it didn’t seem that important to everyone’s liking. What Holly liked became his only goal. “After all, he finds a real family,” Ryan said, acknowledging that it was her character.

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While Carell was celebrating Michael’s showtime, he knew he had to do something special to show how much he had grown into a character. Fortunately, he had an idea to convey that growth.

Steve Carell wanted Michael Scott to abandon his farewell party.

“Michael Scott wants his core to be loved,” explains Carell. “In the end, his dreams come true.”

Carell made plans for the farewell episode. office,“Hi Michael.” He explained his plans to show Greg Daniels Michael’s growth six months before filming “Goodbye Michael.”

“The idea I pitched was that he and Holly would definitely be together,” Carell explained. “But I thought I should plan a party specifically for his last days, but he basically said he should fool people. [to think he was] Leave the next day.”

Carell thought this was “the most elegant expression.” [Michael’s] Growth as a human.”

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As Carell pointed out, viewers believe that everything Michael wants and cares about is getting likes and being the center of attention. Yes, Michael pats on his back and wanted people to think he was fun and attractive, but goodbye wasn’t about it.

“The fact that he has moved away from his tribute-in return for him, I can say goodbye to each character in a very personal way,” Carell said. “It felt like you would sympathize with me.”

The filming of “Goodbye Michael” was full of joy, sadness and nostalgia. Karel called it “emotional torture,” but said it was “really beautiful.”

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