How to Add Spotify Widget to iOS 14 Home Screen

How to Add Spotify Widget to iOS 14 Home Screen

U.S Rounded all week, Has released a powerful iOS 14 home screen widget from various third-party apps. Spotify itself hasn’t updated any iOS apps that support widgets, but there are third-party apps that bring Spotify widgets to the iOS 14 home screen.

One of Key features of iOS 14 Support home screen widgets. Several Apple applications, including the Apple Music app, support home screen widgets. The music app widget comes in three sizes, so you can easily view recently played songs, albums, and playlists on your home screen.

Since the release of iOS 14 on Wednesday, many Spotify users have been calling the company to add a home screen widget to their iOS application. Until now, Spotify has not released an app update that includes a home screen widget, but Third-party app TuneTrack It aims to solve that problem.

It is not yet known whether Spotify plans to add its own own widgets to iOS 14, but the company There is no best A history of fast adoption of new iOS and Apple Watch features.

How to Add Spotify Widget to iOS 14 Home Screen

TuneTrack is a third party app. Integrates with Apple Music, Spotify and This app is described in ways such as easily tracking your music habits, creating custom playlists and more. However, over the past few days, TuneTrack has gained explosive popularity due to the Spotify home screen widget for iOS 14 users.

TuneTrack can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Once the app is installed, you can open the app and log in with your Spotify account. After logging in with your Spotify account, go back to the iOS 14 home screen, long press to enter Shake mode, then tap “+” in the top right corner

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Go through the list of applications you have installed with widget support until you find TuneTrack. From there, you can easily add the TuneTrack Spotify widget to your iOS 14 home screen and place it on anyone you want. The Spotify Now Playing widget is updated every 5 minutes, or you can force it from the TuneTrack app in the settings menu.

Finally, TuneTrack also offers an Apple Music Now Playing widget, so if you don’t like the default Apple options, you can also try TuneTrack.

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