How to convert WhatsApp groups to signal

How to convert WhatsApp groups to signal

Signal is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. This service provides a solution that seeks a solution that respects the privacy of new users and their data. With this in mind, the signal has facilitated this change.

Maintaining itself as a dominant platform, WhatsApp stands alone above all chat groups or group chats, but now importing WhatsApp groups into the signal is easy, and with the final encryption or encryption.

Bring Facebook groups to the signal

If you already have the Signal app for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac or Windows, we can use the tools to create groups and invite members, including the competition platform. Note that there is no tool or button to instantly import WhatsApp groups, but we have the option to create a quick access link.

1. Open the Signal app – Then touch the blue button to create a group.

Start by creating a new dialog or directly from the “New Panel” button.

2. Select “New team“, Name, select the group photo, and after configuring the group, click”Create“.

Customization options for the new group on the signal

3. You can select contacts from the list of friends already registered at Signal, or “Ignore“It simply came to our notice then.

Contacts already registered on the platform can be added immediately.

4. Once the panel is created, a window with invitation options will appear.

Then we have to select the option “Activate the link and share“This will create a specific link to our group. In addition, we can enable the” Approve new members “option if they want to review all new members before joining the group.

Quick access link of the group on the signal.

5. The user can choose the most convenient partitioning method for him.

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In the case of a connection, you can (1) copy it to the clipboard, (2) generate a QR code, thereby pointing the smartphone camera to access the link, or, Share o (3) Quick access link Through apps on your mobile device, including WhatsApp.

Users who have already registered with the platform can also share the connection by signal (4).

There are several link sharing options for direct access to the group.

6. When selecting the WhatsApp app As a partitioning target we can paste the link in the group we want to import to the signal. From there, any member of the group can click the link and take it to the signal.

This allows users to gradually migrate to the signal base, and has the same effect, even if it is not a direct import tool.

You can quickly bring in participants by sharing the link on WhatsApp.

If the administrator of the new group at the signal has enabled the option to verify new members, they must recognize the new members individually.

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