How to download the latest Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft

Get Windows 10 for free now!  Here's how to do it!

Whenever a newer version of Windows 10 is released, The Microsoft It also provides ISO images of the operating system. They can be very useful for making clean installations or creating recovery environment. If something goes wrong with our system, there is a solution. In this article we will explain how to download Windows 10 ISO images in two different ways.

How to download the latest Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft

Remember that an ISO image is a sector-wise copy of a Windows DVD available in a file. That ISO You can burn that ISO file to another DVD, create a bootable flash drive, or extract files with an utility like 7-Zip.

ISO images are useful because they allow you to create a secure and reliable image of Windows 10. Also, if you are highly skilled in these steps, you can use them to build Windows 10 virtual machines using Hyper-V, Virtual Box or VMware. .

Microsoft recommends using Windows 10 Media Creator (MCD) to download the latest ISO image or create a USB stick. But there is another method, let’s talk about both.

Use the Media Creation tool to create a Windows 10 image

First visit This page Load the tool where it says download now.

The MediaCreationTool20H2 file will then be downloaded. When the process is complete, run it.

You may have to wait a while to make some changes once you run the app.

Click Accept in the next window

How To Download Windows 10

A new window will appear to prepare some things. You may have to wait a while.

In the new window that appears, select the Create Installation Media option as shown in the image below.

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How To Download Windows 10

Now there are some options to do or do in the next window. If you are creating a version of Windows 10 for your computer, click Next without touching anything. On the other hand, if you want to help a friend who is having problems and you need another configuration or version, you should check to use the recommended options for this PC. You can specify language, version and architecture.

How To Download Windows 10

Soon, you will be asked what you want to do. The purpose of this tutorial is to tell you how to download an ISO image. So logically you need to choose the ISO file. However, if you are interested and want to create a bootable pen drive, choose the first option.

How To Download Windows 10

Now Windows 10 will be downloaded and you will eventually get the ISO image in a folder or on a USB stick.

Download directly from the Microsoft website

You have a trick to download directly from the Microsoft website. When you go to the download page available here you will notice that you can only update with Windows Update or download with the tool mentioned above. However, there is a trick to this. You can access ISO directly through the Microsoft page.

Visit this page from any browser based on the Chromium engine such as Sorm or the new Microsoft Edge. Right-click on the page and select Explore option.

How To Download Windows 10

Now and when the developer tools appear below or to the side, use the key combination Ctrl Shift M. Then you will start to see the page as if you are on a mobile device. Create F5, at which time you will be able to access the ISO download.

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How To Download Windows 10

Select the version and specify whether to download the 32 or 64 bit version. Then download, as the site says Sleeping computer.

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