How To Fix ‘chkdsk’ Error Breaking System In Windows 10

How To Fix 'chkdsk' Error Breaking System In Windows 10

Who would have thought that Windows 10 would be one of the good old repair tools? chkdskThis may be covered by a vulnerability that could block your computer. I do not, it is given, of course The “Check Disk” command is commonly used to scan That’s okay Errors in your file system (and related metadata).

According to the Windows 10 update KP4592438, Released earlier this month, may have caused some serious issues with one’s computer. As described by Microsoft:

“A small number of devices that installed this update reported that their file system could be damaged while running chkdsk / f and the device should not boot. “

If I take regular computer issues seriously, I will say, “A troubleshooting tool that blocks your computer instead of helping you.” Above my list. Microsoft says it has already fixed this issue, so make sure you have everything installed when you upgrade Windows. After that, wait, because the official fix will come automatically from your computer.

Description of the article on how to fix chkdsk error in Windows 10S PC crash

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What if Chkdsk is already running the system?

Suppose you are looking for a system that simply refuses to start, do not panic. Or, conversely, you may already be Was Panic, so it is good that you have more stress From your body. Over there Is there The solution to the problem If you can not Get Windows 10 to fix it with lasting updates. Microsoft describes:

  1. The device should start automatically Recovery Console After failing to start a few times.
  2. Select Advanced options.
  3. Select At the command line From the list of actions.
  4. Once At the command line Open, type: chkdsk / f
  5. Permission chkdsk This may take some time to complete the scan. When done, type: Release
  6. The device should now start as expected. If you start again Recovery Console, Select Exit to Windows 10 and proceed.

When you return to Windows 10, get started. Microsoft is using its solution chkdsk The next day or so, I will stop running chkdsk Until the weekend, Finally.

Also, a word about it: In general, you should avoid running a specific command that triggers this errorchkdsk / fWithout taking any precautionary measures. Finds this command e It fixes the errors it finds. If I were you, I would run normally chkdsk [drive letter] Ask them to scan your computer first if an error occurs, or use a similar tool Macriam reflection Create a complete picture or clone of your unit (just in case). So try to run chkdsk / f. If you have no problems after that, that’s fine. If you do, you can still hold your data and / or restore your computer to a more usable state.

As always, remember that you do not have to run chkdsk / r On an SSD, this is completely unnecessary due to the way data is stored on a machine hard drive. If you suspect that there is a mechanical problem with your computer’s drive instead of a file system problem, chkdsk It doesn’t help much. Instead, check your integrity by running A smart statement.

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