How to look at stay as NASA launches its Mars Perseverance rover this week


The Perseverance rover explores Mars in this artist’s rendering.


This story is part of Welcome to Mars, our series exploring the red planet.

Start working day is pretty much in this article. NASA’s Perseverance rover is all packed absent and prepared to head for Mars on Thursday, July 30.  NASA will livestream the event as the car-sizing rover can take off from Cape Canaveral Air Drive Station in Florida on a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket. Prelaunch protection starts off at 4 a.m. PT and the two-hour window opens at 4:50 a.m.

NASA declared on July 22 that the mission had passed its flight readiness review, which features a preparedeness evaluation of the spacecraft, rocket, treatments and personnel. “Mars is a difficult purchaser, and we don’t get anything for granted,” reported the Perseverance mission’s deputy venture manager, Matt Wallace.

The launch will rely on temperature and complex aspects. It was formerly delayed from previously in the thirty day period due to the fact of specialized concerns.

It is been just about 9 years because NASA despatched off its previous rover, Curiosity, to Mars. Perseverance is the most superior robotic NASA has despatched to the surface area of Mars. At the time it sets down in the Jezero Crater — an location with a historical past of h2o — the rover will kick off a mission to search for out symptoms of ancient microbial lifestyle.  

The rover is just not heading by itself. It also carries an experimental helicopter named Ingenuity under its stomach.

NASA’s mission is just one of a number of launching to Mars inside of a restricted window of prospect this 12 months when the red earth is in a favorable situation relative to Earth. Missing that window means ready until eventually 2022 for the next opportunity. Perseverance could potentially start as late as mid-August if vital.

The United Arab Emirates successfully sent off its Hope probe on July 19, and China released its have orbiter and rover on July 22. All 3 missions are scheduled to attain Mars in February 2021.

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