How to make your Thanksgiving meal cheap or (practically) free

How to make your Thanksgiving meal cheap or (practically) free
The annual feast is further complicated by the complex economy that worries millions of Americans about their finances. It doesn’t help that Food prices are rising.
Got the Lending Tree The average American party costs $ 475 – an increase of 53% over last year. Two out of five hosts said Thanksgiving was a “financial crisis”.

With that in mind, major grocery and food brands are coming up with unique deals aimed at families and first-time chefs.

The Pioneer Grocery The most popular for the eye-popping price is selling many Thanksgiving dinner items for $ 30. A dozen items are on contract, including a butterball turkey, sweet potatoes, bag stuffing and pumpkin pie stuffing.

“At a time when food costs are rising and the economy and markets are changing, Aldi is reaffirming its commitment to offering groceries the lowest prices on groceries,” the company said in a statement.

The fast-growing Aldi has 2,000 stores in 37 states.


With some first-time thanksgiving, Campbell notes, “many people are nervous and they may have an accident with their beloved traditional food.”

Campbells (CBP) Joins in partnership with Instagram to help if the side dish goes sideways. The “Night Insurance” Plan Allows failed cooks to submit a request, and if approved, an instagart delivery person will send the prepared food. Customers can choose a stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole or baked breeze.

However, the pilot program is very limited: it is only available at Thanksgiving from noon to 5pm in Manhattan.


You can get a whole Thanks for the free meal With Walmart (WMT), It partnered with Ipota, a storage utility that allows shoppers to get 100% cash back on nine items that can feed five people.

To access the deal, shoppers must download the Ipota app, link to their Walmart account and add items to their shopping list. These include Walmart side dishes, a 2 liter bottle of Coca Cola and a butterball turkey.

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The deal “eliminates some of the financial worries we know this year feels more than ever,” Ipota said.

Whole foods

Whole foods are teamed up with progressives In providing a special type of “insurance” if the turkey turns bad.
To qualify, customers must now purchase a full-meal-stamped turkey from the store until November 22nd. Final product Excess, cooked, burnt or dried, failed cooks may submit a request with receipt, brief description and picture. To A specialized website. A total of $ 35 per 1,000 people will receive a full food gift card to cover some of the price of extinct birds.

For those who are more confident in their culinary skills, Amazon-owned grocery store is re-offering deals for uncooked turkeys. Prices start at 49 2.49 per pound for non-organic birds, with Amazon Prime members receiving an additional discount of 50 cents per pound. Organic turkeys are also a bit more expensive.

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