How to sell iPhone 8 online for maximum cash

In April 2020, Apple announced the discontinuation of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. As iPhone 11 came into the picture, the lesser-fancied iPhone 8 now had to make way. In case you are presently prepared to sell your iPhone 8, you can give it one final hurrah by selling it online. You can expect to receive a decent value when you sell iPhone 8 online.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus got replaced as Apple’s entry-level alternative by the iPhone SE 2020 recently. However, despite their shortcomings, they can fetch you a decent amount of money. You could get about £200 for iPhone 8 or around £300 for iPhone 8 Plus. Let us take a look at some essential aspects when you sell iPhone 8.

What is the worth of my old iPhone 8

The value you get offered for an iPhone 8 relies on different factors. You can visit our website to get a quote by entering your model and brand. You’ll at first be given quotes for handsets in different conditions. Update the choices to get an accurate quote. New cell phones are the ones that are still in their packaging, and broken are the ones that have wear and tear. Changing the carrier and internal memory will likewise affect the quotes you get when selling phones.

Is it possible to sell a network-locked mobile phone

You can, even though the money offered for a network-tied cell phone is lesser. It also shifts based on the network it is connected to. When you get the bundling for your iPhone 8, confirm that your device is network-tied to a particular carrier. Unlocking your handset will guarantee a more exorbitant cost, and it is not very hard to sort out this. To start with, you need to place a request with your carrier, which may make a couple of days. Therefore, you will need to use another SIM card. If you do not have one, back up the data on your device, delete your phone’s settings, and restore it from the backup.

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How to sell your iPhone 8 to Rapid Phone Buyers

It’s easy to get rid of your unwanted iPhone 8 and earn some quick cash for it at Rapid Phone Buyers. Follow these basic steps to sell your device and get compensated for it.

  • Get a quote

You can browse through our website. In the search function, enter the model of your handset. You will consequently be various quotes for different possible conditions. You will have to pick one from the alternatives to mirror your specific iPhone 8. You will also have to specify the network carrier and internal storage capacity. Till this point, you will not have to enter any of your personal details. If you are happy with the quotes on offer, you can enter your contact details to confirm the deal.

  • Send the device

At this stage, you will have to send your iPhone 8 in the packaging we provide to you. There will be a few important forms about details of yourself and the handset. So make you sure fill it and it to the packaging. You can also add the accessories if you wish to do so.

  • Wait for the payment

Once we receive your handset, we will conduct an inspection to ensure the condition matches to what was advertised. Upon successful verification, we will finalise the deal and proceed towards making the payment. If there any discrepancies, we will notify you and offer a revised quote. It will depend on the exact condition of your handset. You are free to accept or deny it. Once you accept the quote, it will be regular business, and we will proceed towards the payment. You can opt for bank transfer or PayPal to receive the money for your iPhone 8.

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