How to solve Nintendo Switch glide problem

Como resolver o problema de drift do Nintendo Switch

The “slip” problem, which causes the analog to slide and move the character or camera even when the controller is fully asleep, is an old introduction Nintendo Switch.

Joy-Cons often has this drawback, but it is much easier to solve and the best part: it is free. Maybe Drift, A Nintendo Provides technical assistance in Brazil even for consoles purchased overseas, so without an invoice.

Recently, DualSense and PS5 control began to present a similar problem.

If your controls have this problem, follow the steps below to resolve it.

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Controls Issue

The first step is to write to the email [email protected].

In the title and body of the email, indicate that the problem is traction in Joy-Con and repair. If possible, attach a short video of the character walking alone in a game or the camera will automatically switch on to demonstrate the problem, or even attach to the calibration area of ​​the controls. It does not have to be a long video, it can be recorded by cell phone.

In a few days, you will also receive some personal data (name, address, phone and email) and information about defective components (product, color, serial number and issue) from the authorized company. In the particular case of Drift No regulation, no invoice required, but it is required for any other service.

Filling in the data correctly, after a while, requires an email from the post office to send the problem areas with the postal code. Another message with instructions and recommendations on how to prepare your product for shipping.

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You must go to a post office with the area, postal code and content notice. Then, wait a few days for your joy-con to be repaired or replaced.

The whole process can take two or three weeks or more due to the high process.

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