How to speed up the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Farm cryptocurrency

How to speed up the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Farm cryptocurrency

So you You can spool Destiny 2 today. Play Festival of the Lost and win random rolls in Bray Techwear Wolf and Horror Story. And it can be very confusing when the cryptocurrency, the new currency that opens bonus boxes in the haunted woods, doesn’t actually drop at all. The bungee will appear like an umbra engram, but it doesn’t fall into the wild and only comes at the end of the activity. And not all activities, every time, even closed.

Nevertheless, all day long I’ve figured out the best way to speed up the farm, as best as you can think. No, it’s not a nightmare hunt or Shadow Lake. Rather, the bungee was pretty literal when it was made to fall off at the end. …each Complete the activity.

Patrol is included.

When I heard that they had fallen off the patrol, I knew where to go. Here’s my Moon-based Cipher Decoder and Chocolate Coin farm. I think you can get it faster than anywhere else here (although it’s a very tedious way). A fast loading SSD can help speed this up, but it’s not required.

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1. The land of Eris.

2. Head to Anchor of Light.

3. Perform “Kill Enemy” patrol and “Find Toland” patrol. Nothing takes more than 20 seconds each. If one doesn’t appear, do the other first, then it appears after you’re done.

4. Go back to Eris and go left to Archer’s Line.

5. Find the Toland Patrol “kill the enemy patrol”.

6. Warp into the harbor of sorrow. … You get it.

7. Return to orbit and refresh the patrol.

8. Repeat

This course probably won 5 cryptos out of a total of 15-20 bounties. Once again, each takes no more than 20-30 seconds, most of which are waiting for Toland to stop talking. I’ve been playing “normally” for hours today and I know people who probably have 1-2. Is this… 20 minutes? Something like that. This way, you will receive coins for each patrol.

Then you have 5 passwords for haunted forest run. If you want to add this, it seems to be stacking up to 25.

I used those 5 ciphers and only got one werewolf roll and 4 different masks. So the drop rate Do I have a password.

My guess is Bungie will raise the drop rate for this event soon, don’t let this whole event feel pointless, but if you want to farm now, it seems hard to find an easier and faster way to get your password. good luck.

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