How to update Windows 10 drivers on new interface

Windows 10 drivers atualizar Microsoft

Drivers are an important element in Windows 10, but they often cause problems. Microsoft is working to improve these components, but this is not the only solution. The company knows that the duty to renew is in the hands of the manufacturers. But it doesn’t always comply.

One of the most recent changes to Windows 10 has made life easier for users. This changed the place where drivers are managed, thus making it easier to guarantee these updates. Here’s how to use it.

Microsoft Started The process of restoring Windows 10 in 2019. It accumulates all the components of the old management interfaces in the settings area, thus providing simple control to the user.

Everything is now in the area dedicated to updating Windows 10, as part of additional updates. In the same place where the user controls the new System versions From Microsoft, you now have additional components that you can keep up to date.

Microsoft update for Windows 10 drivers

Start by opening the Windows 10 settings so that you can start this process. Inside, they must follow the same path they use to access system updates. This is done by selecting the Updates and Security option.

Then, in the Windows Update tab, you should access the New Driver Management area. This is a pending update to the latest version, if any, or above. So, they would only resort to this as a last resort.

Microsoft update for Windows 10 drivers

Inside, you will find additional features for Microsoft updates. In particular, they will have a list of control updates available. Open that entry and see what is available.

If you want to install any of these entries, you only need to select it. If you want, you can choose from several to create a wider installation. To help with the selection, there is various information such as manufacturer, type, date and version number.

Microsoft update for Windows 10 drivers

Once the selections are made, they have to press the download and install button to complete the process. Windows 10 will no longer handle the process of completing that installation and will ask the user to restart the machine if necessary.

In this way, much simpler, now the management of drivers is done. As a result of the change used by Microsoft, everything within Windows 10 is easier and more logical.

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