How to watch Disney Plus with friends?

How to watch Disney Plus with friends?

Disney Plus (Disney +) subscribers have a very interesting tool in times of epidemics. In the midst of social distance, it is very valid to find technological ways to bring friends and family closer.

The streaming platform has a groupwatch tool that allows up to seven people to view any topic on the list at once – in synced, collaborative session, wherever they are.

What is Disney +?

Disney Plus is The Walt Disney’s online streaming video subscription server. The service offers movies and TV series produced by The Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television. In addition, it contains service promotional content from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic brands.

Original films and TV series produced on Disney Plus are also part of the site’s list. Once all the content is available, the server is a hobby for the family.

Disney + debuted on November 12, 2019 in Canada, USA and the Netherlands. Later, the service was expanded to New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Australia. By 2020, the platform had reached European countries and Brazil.

How does the groupwatch work?

GroupWatch’s functionality is simple: basically you send (or receive) a link that you can view in the group. By clicking, you will enter a “room” with everyone who has received and accessed the link.

It is important to note that all users of the room must be subscribed to the Disney Plus service – because when accessing the link, you will need to sign in to enter the session.

In GroupWatch possibilities, any member of the session can control the background, meaning they can start, pause, restart, skip movie forward or backward. Any and all “changes” in the video will affect other participants. For example: If you are in a session with 5 people, if you pause the movie you are watching, playback will be paused for everyone.

Although it syncs with the background of the same topic, GroupWatch does not chat to communicate. That way, if you want to send a message to another person attending the session, you need to chat through another application. The only communication the tool provides is the reaction emojis to the scenes – they appear to everyone attending the session.

After all, how about watching Disney Plus with others?

As we have already mentioned, up to seven people can be seen in a single session. That way, you can call up to six people per groupwatch. This tool works on desktop and Android and iOS mobile devices. If you accept a call from a cell phone or computer, you can watch it on TV.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get started with GroupWatch.

Step 01: Access the Disney Plus website or app;

Step 02: Sign in to your account;

Step 03: Go to the page of the movie or series you want to watch with friends;

Step 01 to 03
Step 01 to 03

Step 04: Select the groupwatch icon next to “+”;

Step 05: Click “+” via applications to copy or share the link directly;

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Step 06: Share the link with six people. If they have a Disney Plus account, the link will automatically link you to the GroupWatch home screen;

Step 04 to 06
Step 04 to 06

Step 07: Click “Participate” to enter the video room. All participants should do the same.

Ready! Now you can watch movies and series with your friends and family even from a distance!

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