Hubble Captures Stunning Images of Swan Supernova Explosion Wave-RT World News

Hubble Captures Stunning Images of Swan Supernova Explosion Wave-RT World News

The Hubble Space Telescope transmitted numerous breathtaking photos during its 30-year mission. The most recent example is an amazing image of a supernova explosion wave about 2,600 light-years from Earth.

A powerful star explosion took place in the constellation Swan Swan as the dying star was removed. The star was about 20 times heavier than our sun, and its enormous death is likely 10,000 to 20,000 years ago.

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The beautiful photo shows only a small part of the explosion wave that remains in the aftermath of an amazing astronomical event. In the millennium after the supernova, the remnants extended 60 light years from the center.

Interestingly, the rest continues to expand at an impressive speed of 350 kilometers per second. Star debris from the explosion mixes with low-density interstellar material, creating a majestic veil-like structure captured in the photograph.

In 1991, Hubble captured another image of the swan’s supernova explosion wave, capturing a small portion of the remnant.

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