Hungary: Billionaire officially calls George Soros a ‘liberal fugitive’

Hungary: Billionaire officially calls George Soros a 'liberal fugitive'
  • A Hungarian government commissioner has reprimanded billionaire Jorge Soros, who survived the Holocaust, by comparing him to Adolf Hitler.
  • In a comment posted on the pro-government news website, Minister Commissioner Schiller Demeter Soros wrote that “Liberal Fhrer” and that Europe is his “gas chamber”.
  • Demeter writes to defend Hungary and Poland, which are currently at loggerheads with Brussels over a planned EU 8 $ 1.8 trillion budget.
  • His comments have been condemned by the Jewish community in Hungary, the former Prime Minister of Hungary and the Israeli government.
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A Hungarian minister has been reprimanded for comparing himself to billionaire Jorge Soros. A Holocaust survivor, To Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Schillard Demeter, head of the Pedofi Literary Museum in Budapest, wrote that Soros was a “liberal Fரhrer” and that Europe was his “gas chamber” in a poll for the pro-government organization Origo. According to the Associated Press.

“Europe is George Soros’ gas chamber,” says D.M. “Toxic gas leaks from the capsule of a multicultural, open society, which is dangerous to the European way of life.”

Demeter was writing an article on Saturday defending Hungary and Poland, which are currently embroiled in controversy with Brussels over the EU’s $ 1.8 trillion budget, which is linked to the standards of democracy in member states.

Hungary and Poland have also been accused under the EU investigation of undermining judicial and media freedom. They threaten to veto the EU budget over arrangements to block payments to countries that do not uphold democratic standards. Politico announced this week.

In the article, Demeter, appointed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to oversee cultural production, referred to Hungary and Poland as “new Jews”.

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Orban often targets Soros, who generally supports liberal causes, and has previously been accused of diluting the national identity of citizens in European countries.

The commissioner’s comments provoked outrage from the Jewish community in Hungary and other government officials.

Gordon Bajnoy, Hungary’s prime minister between 2009 and 2010, said on Sunday that if Dimitar had not been removed from office by Monday, “the Hungarians and the rest of the world would openly consider (his) statement as Hungarian’s position.”

The Unified Hungarian Jewish Congressio called the article “tasteless” and “unforgivable” and said in a statement that it was “a textbook case for Holocaust relativism, and therefore does not fit with the government’s claim of zero tolerance for anti-Semitism.” “According to the Associated Press.

The government of Israel, a close ally of Hungary, also shouted, Tweet Saturday: “There is no place to attach the worst crime in human history or its perpetrators to any contemporary debate.”

Born into a Jewish family in Hungary, Soros is a Holocaust survivor who has long been a human rights campaigner.

According to his personal website, the 90-year-old is well known for his charitable donations of more than $ 32 billion.

According to Investopedia, Soros currently has approximately $ 8.3 billion in assets.

In May 1944, more than 800,000 Jews lived in Hungary. In just eight weeks, about 424,000 Jews were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Thousands more were killed by Hungarian Arrow Cross fascists in the Danube in Budapest.

In all, about 565,000 Hungarian Jews were killed, According to Yath Washem, World Holocaust Memorial Center in Jerusalem.

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