I would like to end the season with more goals and aids than games

I would like to end the season with more goals and aids than games

Bruno Fernandez took his first year in an interview with the club’s channel at Manchester United, congratulating himself on what he had already achieved, but always aiming for the highest. The Portuguese international wants to continue to improve its fantastic numbers in the Premier League and, above all, wants to reach the end of the season with titles.

First These first eleven months were wonderful for me. Of course, my main goals have not yet been achieved, they are trophies, but I think I can still achieve them in 2020/21. But the balance of what we have done in recent months is very good. I am very happy to be here and be a part of this great club by counting the Portuguese international.

The midfielder arrived at the club in January and immediately imposed himself on the practice. This is a collection of all the things that helped me. Family helps me every day and I spend more time with them. In fact, most of the time I spend with my teammates, I try to make the most of my time at home. Now more and more, with the virus, we have to be at home, we have to be with family. You can’t go out like you did before, but my family will always be there, and I know I can count on them during the season. My teammates, all the staff have been very helpful to me in terms of club and Premier League. They are very important to me when I come. They gave me hope and I felt from the very beginning that I was a part of the family, ”he said

A turning point in the English league with help and goals. The team helped me a lot to integrate Integra and enter the Premier League well. My team members made things so much easier. When you play with these types of players, with these standards, everything is easy, but they force you to be better every day. Most players don’t know Bruno when I come. This may have been surprising at first, but the most important thing for me is getting better day by day, game after game. When you start playing, the players get to know you better and you have to improve, ”he added.

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But Bruno Fernandez says winning matches is more important than scoring goals. Yes, I’m definitely happy when I score a goal, but it’s important not to concede goals. In conclusion, the most important thing is three points, which means we have reached our goal. It’s okay to win three goals and score six goals. If you stay 3-2 we go home with the most important ones. Of course, I want to win, I want to score goals and I can show my best qualities, but the most important thing for the team is three points. “I know the fans want to see the goals, they want to see the quality, they want to see the magic, but the important thing for us is to win,” he added.

Bruno Fernandez scored 12 goals last season, and he has scored 14 runs this season. As I have said many times, it is easy when you play for the United team. There are so many good players around you that it helps you to be better. I also expect them to be better. The numbers are great, but I still feel the need to upgrade because it will get harder and harder after the game because I know others will already know you well. I want to end this season with more goals and help than games, and it will be great, ”he said.

One of Bruno Fernandez’s brand films is the characteristic way he marks penalties, a movement followed by other players. I have seen some on social media. It’s good to see someone doing what you do. This is not the movement of Bruno Fernandez, this is the movement I make, anyone can do it. But when a player mentions you and says he wants to do it, that’s pretty good. Players encourage each other, and if someone wants to do the same for you, you do a good job. He commented that he is on the right track.

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Another characteristic of Bruno is that he celebrates the goals of his team’s players, just as it did with Van-Pisaka’s goal against Newcastle. The spirit of the team is important. We are like a family, we spend a lot of time together. We need to have a good relationship so that we can have good communication in this field as well. It’s not just me, it’s everyone, no one knows he shoots like that. I think this is his first goal for United in the Premier League. Everyone was surprised because he did not shoot like that in training, ”he said.

The interview ended with a series of quick questions. United favorite destination? I hope this is next. Favorite help? For R Rashford I think this is the opposite of Leipzig. When you are in the center of the field, whether you are marked or not, you need to know who is pressing you and where your teammates are. I like that kind of mastery at the first touch to start someone from behind. You have to think fast and act fast, but, like I said, ahead with players of this quality is easy. Rashford is very fast and I have to put the ball in front of him, ”he said.

As for the best performance of the season. “I don’t know. It’s hard to pick a game. Of course, when branding, people remember it easily. But I liked the 45 minutes against West Ham. I came in the right mood, positive, I was in shape, everything was right, we were 0-1. We won 3-1 after losing the game which was one of my best games at the club but I have already done well in many of them and there is always room to improve, of course, he said.

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As for the goals until the end of the season. Always I always say the same thing. We have to fight for all the matches I say at the start of the season. Now I say the same thing. League Cup, FA Cup, Europa League and Premier League. We all have to go, we have the team for that. As much as possible, you have to believe that we can fight all the matches, ”he commented.

The most important thing for Bruno Fernandez is to reach the end of the season with titles, personal gifts going into the background. Me For me, trophies are very important. Of course, personal prizes for players are also important, I would not say I do not want to be the best player in the Premier League, I want to be, but with team winning titles. I also want to help my team to be the best of the season. If one of us is the best of the season, it means we did things better.

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