If you have upgraded to iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, you may need to re-enable COVID-19 exposure notification.

If you have upgraded to iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, you may need to re-enable COVID-19 exposure notification.

While buying a new phone is exciting, it can also be annoying time tweaking the settings, permissions and notifications of all apps. Cloud backup makes this process easier, but it doesn’t always catch everything. For example, if you restored from a backup, you’ll want to double-check that the COVID-19 exposure notification is still active on your new iPhone 12. . Maybe not. According to BBC News.

If you are concerned that it might be affected, you can re-enable impression notifications on iOS by opening the Settings app and selecting Next. Exposure notification, And click “Turn on exposure notifications.”

Users first noticed the problem with the UK’s official National Health Service (NHS) contact tracking app. Some iPhone 12 and 12 Pro owners got an error message when trying to open the app after restoring a previous iPhone backup. Deleting the app and downloading it again seemed to fix the problem by prompting the user to re-enable COVID-19 exposure notifications, but all locations the user previously checked in to were also deleted.

It’s not clear if this issue is specific to the iPhone 12 model, or if restoring your iPhone from a backup might turn the setting off. We will update as you are asking Apple When I restored one of my own iPhone 12 phones from a backup, I noticed that exposure notifications were turned off. So, I suspect the problem is occurring at the system level and not a specific app like NHS.

The exposure notification system First announced in April It uses your phone’s Bluetooth to let you know if you have contacted someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Results notifications guide you online with the latest COVID-19 information and allow you to schedule your own tests.

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Contact trackingIs not the magic bullet that controls the COVID-19 outbreak, whether automatic or manual. However, as one of many steps, including a robust and easily accessible testing program, it helps you find out more quickly if you are infected, so that it does not contribute to its spread. Reactivating these notifications, along with wearing a mask and washing your hands, is a simple way to protect people from danger.

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