If you use Slack on Android, it is a good idea to change your password immediately

Slack Android password serviço ferramentas

More and more communication tools are needed. Rather than exchanging messages, they now have a new role in the virtual and relocated offices we are used to.

Slag was able to gain even more space as an essential tool in these times of infection. Now, in an important warning, this service prompts Android users to change their password. Everything goes through a security issue again.

Dull warning to users

As far as communication tools are concerned, slack is one Well known And used. It mainly focuses on text messages, but also guarantees voice and video calls. Many customers open their own app.

Another important and outstanding point is its integration with other services, which it does in a completely transparent way. Overall, it is one of the most used and successful tools in the business world, by its very nature.

Dull Android Password Service Tools

Security vulnerability affects the Android version

Well, Slack's security team is now alerting users to the latest issue. The impact is great, and Android users need slack to change the password immediately to be safe again.

An update released on December 21, 2020 revealed users with a flaw. In this version, the user's password is clearly recorded in the application logs. Therefore, any other application can read and obtain this data. 1 month later the error was corrected.

Dull Android Password Service Tools

Change the password for these tools and services

To help users, Slack sends messages to those who may be at risk. It is recommended to change the password immediately so that if it is obtained, the user will be protected. In any case, there is no evidence that these accounts are being exploited.

In addition to this recommendation, there is also a request to delete the application data, thus deleting the records. This is another drawback of the Android universe, caused by the use of this method. Slack's track record showed no problems, which is an almost isolated case.

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