Immersed in nature, this hotel seems to come straight out of a fairy tale

Immersed in nature, this hotel seems to come straight out of a fairy tale

The hotel is covered with green carpet and hidden on a hill with stunning views of the Trondheim fjord in Norway. Fjord is a Nordic landscape consisting of a long, short and deep sea cove between high rocks formed by the submergence of a glacial valley.

Shina’s location sounds like it came out of a story book, but it’s very real.

Designed by Green Consultants, the unique layout of the ASyna Cultural Landscape Hotel enhances guests’ interaction with nature. All 18 rooms are built with a uniform design on a sloping landscape so that each person has a seamless view of the landscape. The rooms are mainly made of wood, which represents the regional raw material and the tradition of Nordic construction. Light wood interiors contrast with dark wood cladding on the outside.

The general aesthetics and colors are contemporary, yet comfortable – the balance between the cabin feel and the luxury of the hotel room. They are covered with green roofs, so the hotel and guests are immersed in the beautiful setting of the Golden Road, the Foshen Alps and the Trondheim Fjord.

There are many shared indoor and outdoor spaces, each with a stunning view. The hotel is naturally airy and bright.

The property is owned and operated by the Sakshak family and initially served as a restaurant and event venue, but with the location, the need for overnight stays increased, which led to the expansion of space into a hotel.

Since the restaurant was the design point of the restaurant, it was necessary to preserve the panoramic views of the customers, so the reception, conference area and hotel rooms were placed at a level below the slope.

The lower levels are accessible by lift and are connected by an underground walkway that fits the shape of the mountain.

“Although the extension of the installation has been carefully modified with the landscape, it creates new natural accents with its formal language and fits in well with the owner’s general opinion,” the architects said.

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