Implementation confirms another call duty in 2021

Implementation confirms another call duty in 2021

Activision has confirmed that it will launch another quarterback later this year.

When presenting the financial results of the company, and in a call the news was releasedMotley is stupid, We learned about the company’s plans for Call of Duty, which includes “Premium release planned for the last quarter of 2021”.

Keeping in mind that Durkin also mentions the migration of the existing community to this game, it is no doubt the regular annual release of the series.

With the success of Call of Duty: Warson, the Royal Edition of the Battle and the franchise is free to play, the need to release one game a year has been questioned, but it seems that Activation has no plans to slow down the release of games is important in the series.

As part of Warson’s activation strategy, Turkin noted that the rights will “benefit Warson from improving its premium content and player investment throughout the year”.

In addition to the new game, Turkin also explained that a lot of content is planned for Call of Duty on all platforms.

Later, in the same call, Turkin talked about the blizzard, noting that there were no plans to launch the Diablo 2 or Overwatch 2 in 2021 and that several games were being developed from the Warcraft world for mobile devices.

In other related news, Activision was recently brought to court on charges of stealing the design of one of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare characters.

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