In The Midnight Sky trailer, George Clooney’s epic beard sends a message.

In The Midnight Sky trailer, George Clooney's epic beard sends a message.

Midnight Sky, released on Netflix in December.


Only one thing can save us at the end of the world. George ClooneyStrong beard. Actor Eleven from ER and Ocean directs and plays in the new Netflix sci-fi movie The Midnight Sky, but the first trailer shows that his lavish beard is the real star of the show.

Sometimes this trailer from The Midnight Sky feels like a combination of Clooney’s previous sci-fi movies. Solaris and weight, Except he shaved clean, this would be much better. Based on a novel Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton, The film sees Clooney’s beard attached to the jaw of a lonely scientist trapped in the polar regions during a global catastrophe.

The double narrative moves into space as Clooney desperately tries to signal the maroon astronaut. Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo and Kyle Chandler Is that it’s better to stay away from Earth.

Midnight Sky is scheduled to be shown in some theaters in December, but certain real-world catastrophes can also signal a move away from those cinemas. No matter what Coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, The movie will be streamed on Netflix on December 23rd.

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