Ina Gordon once said she was worried ‘this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done’, but her husband Jeffrey had the right advice

Ina Garden An experience in his life was so challenging that he believed it was the “stupidest thing” he had ever done. She Husband Jeffrey He assured her that it was the right choice and his encouragement made all the difference.

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How Ina Gordon became ‘Contessa with bare feet’

Gordon is nicknamed The Contessa with bare feet, But not everyone knows how she was called. That day, Gordon was working as a government official, but decided to buy a specialty food store in West Hampton, New York.

This shop was called Candace with bare feet.

As the new owner of the unfamiliar business, she had doubts that Gordon had made a good decision. During an interview Munchees: Podcast, Gordon recalled her self-doubts, wondering if this was the “stupid thing” she had done.

The former owner of the store helped create the change after Gordon bought the store, allowing the now-famous food guru owner to shade while learning the ropes for a month.

Ina Gordon shared Jeffrey’s advice, which calmed his worries

Gordon jumped to the deep end of owning a business and found the initial return on his investment disappointing, given the amount of hard work required for his new store.

She told the interviewer how much she suspected herself in those early days.

“Over the weekend, I told Jeffrey, ‘This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done,'” he recalled. ‘”

Jeffrey, always his biggest supporter, raised some brilliant words when Gordon needed him most. “He told me it was so smart, he said,‘ If you learn business in one week, you will be bored in two weeks, ’” he recalled. “He was right.”

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“It has been like this big sandbox ever since. There was always something very interesting to do, ”he added.

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Gordon was tested and found her way

The interviewer asked Gordon, how she stumbled, skeptical. “Well, in the first week I thought‘ I will never learn this profession ’. I thought it was very difficult, ”he explained.

Gordon recalled how the woman who sold the shop tested herself. “She comes with me every day, stands with me and shows me what I know,” he shared. “Then it was about 10 days. After I bought it at the store, she didn’t even show a leg.”

Gordon was worried that the former store owner would not be there to help her, but without her she would have been able to run her business well.

“At the end of the day, I felt better. I said to her the next day, ‘What happened?’ He said, ‘I know you didn’t think you could run the store, I thought you could, so I didn’t come the same day to show you,’ ‘Gordon recalled.

“I thought, what a great teacher she is,” he explained. “I’m very lucky. She was incredibly proficient at how to run a specialty food shop, but she was incredibly supportive of me. It was incredibly beautiful.”

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