Including the Nintendo Switch Lite. Animal Trafficking and 3 Month Switch Online Member

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All Product Details:

Game console on the go.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a small lightweight of the Nintendo Switch family with integrated controls.

All Nintendo Switch headers that support portable mode can be operated on the Nintendo Switch Lite – this is mostly suitable for those who are on the go and want to play online or locally with friends and family who already have a Nintendo Switch.

Since the Nintendo Switch Lite is a game console designed for portable gaming, it does not support playback on TV.

You can enable all Nintendo Switch caps that support portable mode on the Nintendo Switch Lite.

If a game uses Joy-Con features such as HD Vibration, IR Motion Camera or Joy-Con Motion Control, some game features may not be available when playing only on the Nintendo Switch Lite. For this you need the Joy-Con controller (sold separately).

Players can connect Joy-con controllers (sold separately) with the Nintendo Switch Lite to play games that do not support handheld mode. This requires a device that can be used to charge joy-con controllers such as a joy-con charging cradle. You can find out which game modes are supported by which game titles in the game packaging

Local multiplayer

Players can connect up to eight Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite consoles to play multiplayer games against or against each other.

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Online multiplayer mode

With the Nintendo Switch online membership, you can play with close friends and players around the world. You also get access to a growing selection of NES Classics with new online functions, taking advantage of exclusive offers like Tetris ® 99 and Nintendo Switch Game coupons and more!


You can select games from the Home menu and create game settings. You can find your friends, manage player accounts and change system settings.

The main functions of the home menu


The latest game news will be sent straight to your Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo iShop

Here you can buy full digital games and downloadable content.


Here you can view, edit and post screen shots and video clips that you have recorded in some games using the record button. “

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