Incredibly underwater roundabout is set to open

Incredibly underwater roundabout is set to open

The incredible underwater roundabout on the remote Faroe Islands is about to open.

The Istroyar subway network is nearly 7 miles long and runs beneath the Schlofzarur Fjord, which connects the Stroy Islands and the BBC’s Istroy Islands. Reports. The contractor said the subway network and its coastal roundabout would significantly reduce travel time to the Faroe Islands’ capital, Torres, from multiple locations N.C.C..

For example, the tunnel claims to reduce travel time from the village of Dorshawn and Ranavic to just 34 miles to 10.5 miles Estunler, Which oversees the project. The lowest point of the tunnel is 613.5 feet below sea level.

Work on the tunnel began in 2016. “The Istroy tunnel is scheduled to open on December 19, 2020,” Deidur Samuelson, chief executive of Estunler, told Fox News via email. “It features a magnificent roundabout under the Atlantic Ocean.

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The stunning underwater traffic circle has been garnering a lot of attention on social media.

The Roundabout is part of the Istroyar subway network, which is approximately 7 miles long and runs beneath the Schalafzarur Fjord.
([email protected]/P/F Eyatur and Sandoyartunlar)

“The first roundabout under the Atlantic Ocean is a reality,” Faroe Islands MP Christina Habos tweeted. “This is part of our new 11 km submarine tunnel that connects 2 of our 18 #FaroeIslands in a new and innovative way.”

“Dr. Evil is not a new cave, but a new 6.8-mile underwater tunnel network that connects two of the Faroe Islands, Stromoy & Istroy!” Wally Yacht Club in the UK tweeted

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In another project, construction is also underway Santoyar Mine, Which will be until the completion of the Istroer tunnel in 2023. Both mines are the largest infrastructure investments in the history of the Faroe Islands N.C.C..

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Map showing the Istroyar tunnel.  (Estunler)

Map showing the Istroyar tunnel. (Estunler)

Located in the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands a Sovereign Nation Within the Kingdom of Denmark.

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